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#ThrowbackThursday – Top 5 Forgotten 90’s Girl Groups

In honor of 8/27/15, this #ThrowbackThursday we’re going to travel down memory lane and revisit the Top 5 forgotten girl groups of the 90’s who had hits that we can never forget. We’re talking about songs that make you go “that’s my Jam!” Now these are in no particular order, but we’re playing they’re biggest hits as recored in music history. Uh huh, we know you remember these classic hits.

1. 702 – “Where My Girls At” 1999 hit song by 702, released as the first single from their second studio album 702. Originally intended to be included on TLC‘s third studio album FanMail, who rejected the song, it became the signature song of 702 and remains their biggest hit to date. The track is produced by Missy Elliott and Keybeats. 

2. Blaque – “Bring It All to Meis an R&B song with pop, and hip hop influences [urban pop]. The song samples Shalamar‘s “I Don’t Wanna Be the Last to Know”. It features uncredited background vocals by NSYNC boy band member JC Chasez on the hook.

3. 3LW – “Playas gon Play” One of the youngest and most popular girl bands of the early 2000’s, 3LW had a few hot 100 hits that managed to stay memorable

4. Total – “Cant You See” This R&B girl group released this hit record in 1995, as their debut single. The track was released from the New Jersey Drive Soundtrack and also later appeared on their debut album. After making their recording debut on his tracks “Juicy”, “One More Chance” and “One More Chance” (Hip Hop Remix)”, The Notorious B.I.G. returned the favor with an intro feature to the song making it one to never forget. 

5. Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat, & Missy Elliot – “Ladies Night” Now we know this comes as a surprise, but so did it back in 1997 when this group of female emcee’s came together to deliver the ladies night out anthem of the decade. This one is definately one for the books 😉

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  1. Shani Salih // August 28, 2015 at 6:14 am // Reply

    Yo man! I used to sing “Where my Girls At” all the time! Actually,I believe theres a family video of me somewhere lol.. Of course, I wanted to BE in 3LW…I definitely thought I was!😂

  2. Lol dopeness, I’m sure we all did

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