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SB - The Mind

SB – The Mind

Moving forward…

Hardest thing in life right?

Wrong. It is only hard when you try to move on, and carry along with you baggage from the past.

Although Seems pretty simple;

The realization is that it is not.

Moving on, is hard. But I have learned that it is not as hard as we make it. It’s more than just moving on that causes us to struggle. It is the realization that where we are, and who we are there with is no longer making the cut. It is no longer fulfilling for us to be where we are currently, and that calls for us to do something drastic.

And rarely are we ever ready for the drastic measures that moving on calls for.

That means leaving the one that we are currently with, rearranging our friendships, putting our family relationships into a different perspective.   In moving on, it is essential that we understand the effort that it will take, but also the mindset.

I always say: Love is only for the idealistic and for the mature.  It is for the idealistic because it takes a mind that is incapable of being anything but hopeful to understand the true capacity of love, or it is the very understanding and forgiving heart of a mature mind that will allow love to conqueror all.

There is no in between.

And why is love attached to the concept of moving on?

Because that is the strongest motivator for us to stay where we are; love keeps us contained… it is a very secure and steady emotion. It helps us stay where we are and when it is a healthy love, it is true for us.

BUT, staying in an unfulfilling place is detrimental to the emotional state of anyone – any human being existing in the universe. IT causes us to lose out on opportunities, and miss out on the purpose that is intended for our lives.

It takes blind courage to move forward from a settling and comfortable place.

I encourage you not to avoid growth.

Embrace it, Love it. And Challenge yourself.

That is one of the keys to living… overcoming and conquering elements of our lives.

Let’s Move on.


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