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Kendrick Lamar announces he’s getting married

Reese Thomas

Earlier last week west coast rapper Kendrick Lamar announced his engagement to his high school sweetheart Whitney Alford. The two have been dating for over 12 years, and the rap-star has finally decided to settle down. Rumor has it that after years of discretion, Whitney gave him an ultimatum, telling Kendrick that either he would agree to marry her or she would walk. It’s safe to say that he loves her, but one of his alleged side chicks released a statement to the media claiming that the engagement is staged and that Whitney is simply thirsty for the public eye.

Kendrick-LamarWe are definitely fans of Kendrick Lamar, and we’re wishing him and Whitney the best in their marriage. He does not have to marry this woman, so obviously there is something real here. Sure, there may be a few jealous women from his past who are looking at him now with jealousy and disdain. That can only be expected when dealing with men in the world of hip hop. Congrats on your engagement Kendrick.

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