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Christian Taylor, teenager killed by Texas Police Officer

At about 1 a.m. Friday in Arlington, Texas police officers responded to a burglary call when they discovered someone had driven a vehicle through the window of the Classic Buick GMC car dealership. The Police Department statement said when police approached the suspect, a struggle ensued. At some point during the struggle, Officer Brad Miller shot and killed 19 year old Christian Taylor.

The police officer Brad Miller is a 49-year-old Texas native who has been with the Arlington Police department for less than a year and completed training this past March. The police statement said Miller had no police experience before joining the Arlington police force. Miller is being placed on administrative leave.

With the recent scrutiny of police officers using excessive force, this case is likely to gain national attention and press. Social media users are already questioning the official account that Taylor was committing a robbery and asking why there was no video of the altercation. Arlington officers have not been equipped with body cameras, and police said they haven’t found any dealership security video that captured it.

By Friday night, #ChristianTaylor was trending on Twitter.11825794_903083176397268_6121039264330343179_n

Christian Taylor was a young black male. He graduated from Summit High School in Mansfield, Texas, in 2014. He was attending Angelo State University where he was a 5-foot-9, 180-pound defensive back. Taylor was unarmed when he was killed by a white police officer and has no record of violence. There are so many African American men and women dying at the hands of police authority, lately it has been almost impossible to keep up with. It is truly heartbreaking.

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