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@buns_and_guns Beauty Tips & Tricks

Beauty is always personalized. It’s individual, and what works for one may not always for another. We invited our viewers to share their Health & Beauty #TipsandTricks and tell us what products work best for them. So just-in-case you’ve been wondering about that Chanel Foundation, or if it’s really worth $80…we have taken some qualified feedback from a few of our favorite Instagram beauties ;-).


Sidnee – “Sid Viscous”

Sacramento, CA
Gymnast/Wrestler/Nail Tech
Instagram: @_buns_n_guns_

My Beauty Tips&Tricks

– Concealer is my best friend when it comes to discoloration, blemishes and imperfections.

– Blush is my go to after a long night out with little sleep. It fakes the sleepless night and makes me look live I’ve gotten some amazing R&R.

– Primer is a must have so that my skin always looks it’s smoothest. But even before that, I love my microdermabrasion facials. Every now and then I pinch my pennies and opt for the E
RASER by Ella Blue for a quickie “at home facial” to slough off my dead skin.FullSizeRender (1)

– My #1 absolute must have are my eyebrows. My best friends know that I won’t step foot outside my house if they aren’t done. In my opinion they are the one thing that frame your face, and draw in attention from others. They definitely make or break a full face of make-up no matter if you’re hitting the town for a girls night out, or simply running a few errands.

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