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Jaries Thomas
Founder of Urban Pop Junkie


Hi everyone, Reese here! Thank you for checking out UrbanPopJunkie.com, I am so excited to share my vision with you! Urban Pop Junkie is a project I started in May 2014, immediately following my commencement from Winston Salem State University, a North Carolina HBCU.  My passion for writing, music, entertainment, news, and love for all things pop culture sparked the idea of creating this interactive website. I wanted to facilitate a central location for all lovers of pop-culture, including myself, to gain access to all things Urban Pop Culture, in a fun and exciting format. So for two days, I sat at my computer and began brainstorming and making my vision come to life!

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am about all of the ideas and possibilities I will explore with UPJ, and I hope you will stay tuned in. It began as a website, and I’m working diligently to transition into an online magazine, and a global phenomenon. My #1 goal is to create a magazine, (digital and print), that focuses on everything pertaining to urban popular culture subjects. Your favorite songs, your favorite/most hated celebrities, tickets to the best concerts, those controversial reality TV shows, the injustices we face as a culture, what makes you laugh/smile/cry…This is my passion, this is my life.

Urban Pop Culture is all about immediacy. It changes from moment to moment, and can include everything from that song on the radio that you can’t get out of your head to funny cat memes on the internet to an unfortunate outfit a celebrity wore on the red carpet. But it is by no means frivolous. It’s a way for the younger generation to make sense of the world around them. It’s silly and manic and sometimes even a little depressing, but no more so than the regular nightly news. It’s a way of life, it’s a state of mind. A lot of the time, it’s all we have. It’s Urban Pop Culture.


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