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60 DAYS TiL SUMMER Challenge

Ok ladies, today marks 65 Days until Summer is officially here! So you know what that means: let the countdown begin! It’s time to whip those bodies into shape because it’s about to get hot outside!

Urban Pop Junkie is teaming up with Lush Vanity to launch our 60 Days Til Summer Challenge starting on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. We want to help you get ready for the summer so we’re giving you some of the best tips and tricks to slim down that waist line and make those buns tight, plus a big incentive in the form of a challenge!
 The girl who meets, surpasses, or gets the closest to her goals will WIN THE CHALLENGE! What are you winning?
 $150 Lush Vanity Credit – (Rack up on some sexy new gear to show off your Summer Body)
IMG_6906 $50 Target Gift Card Fully loaded Gym Bag to Keep you motivated (Don’t stop now, you’re creating lifestyle habits…not temporary ones)

 It takes 30 Days of consistency to kill those old habits and create a new, better ones. Well, we’re going to sweeten it up a little and give you an entire 60 Days to reach your goals. For all of you gals who have no idea where to start, we have got your back! We reached out to some fitness experts to get best practices for diet and exercise plans. Diet plans with get-right recipes + Body Bangin Exercise tips = Summer Hot & Bikini Ready!

 Here’s how to get started: Share this on your Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter account using #UPJ60DaysTilSummer and #LushVanity60DaysTilSummer. Next, Email the following to UrbanPopJunkie@Gmail.com

 A Before Pic: Include measurements for Bust, Waist, & Hips as well as current weight in pounds.

 Decide on a 60 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and tell us what you goals are. What exercises are you doing daily? Why? What areas are you targeting? What do you ultimately hope to loose/gain at the end of the challenge?

 What about your diet? What does your daily meal plan consist of? What are you eating/drinking, when are you eating it? How much/often are you eating? What is off limits? (Alcohol, chocolate, bread, pasta, etc)


 Check in with us at the end of the 60 Days (Sunday, June 21, 2015) Send in your After Pic and what you lost/gained.

Click Here for our Diet & Exercise Plan

We definitely want to know about your progress and anything else you are doing to help you stick to your goals. Send us pictures of your progress or just fun photos of you in the gym, or of what you meals look like – we’ll post them to our health & beauty page. It doesn’t hurt to see motivating photos to keep your competitors on their toes!

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